Visibly Shaken

Crime scene science (infographic)

Peter Griffin Jun 13, 2012

Interested in how blood splatter patterns are analysed – and what they mean? Want to know what happens in an autopsy? it’s all here in this fascinating infographic on the science of crime scene investigations – its like CSI without having to watch the lame TV shows… (Click to enlarge) Source: … Read More

The bulk of the nation (infographic)

Peter Griffin Feb 24, 2012

If you bought a paper this morning, particularly the Herald, you’ll have bene greated with front-page stories detailing a list of 49 foods that obese people should avoid. In fact, we should probably all avoid them, but University of Otago researchers who put the list together, are targeting people who are overweight or obese and suggesting foods they can swap … Read More

People lie about washing their hands

Peter Griffin Dec 07, 2011

It’s National Handwashing week in the US this week and if you’ve see the movie Contagion, you’ll understand the virtues of lathering up with soap and disinfecting your hands on a regular basis. The people at Certification Map put together the following useful infographic highlighting the virtues of handwashing and reveals some interesting human behaviour around hand washing and our … Read More

Wind farms in New Zealand

John Kerr Apr 18, 2011

We all know that there are wind farms are scattered around New Zealand – but where exactly are they, and who owns them? The infographic below neatly displays the location and ownership of  New Zealand’s wind farms. The map was published as part of an article on the economics of wind farms, written by Rob Stock for the Sunday Star … Read More

50 years after Gagarin

Peter Griffin Apr 11, 2011

Russia is this week remembering the golden age of its space exploration programme with the 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s orbit of the Earth, the first manned space flight, which paved the way for human exploration of space. The Herald on Sunday ran the following useful infographic which breaks down the steps in the historic mission back in 1961. Read More

Geo-engineering techniques at a glance

John Kerr Apr 06, 2011

When comes to engineering initiatives to fight climate change, what works, what doesn’t and how much will it cost? Today’s Dominion Post carried an article reporting on the recent geo-engineering workshop run by the Royal Society. Accompanying the article was this Reuters infographic giving a concise yet informative over view of several geo-engineering projects. Such projects could be used … Read More

Infographic: the Grand Chancellor problem

Aimee Whitcroft Mar 02, 2011

Today’s New Zealand Herald carries an infographic explaining what the problem with Christchurch’s Hotel Grand Chancellor building is. The building is one of Christchurch’s tallest, but rescue efforts have been hampered by fears that it is on the verge of collapse.  As yet, it is unknown whether the building will be salvaged or demolished. Rescuers have thus far made it … Read More

Herald infographic: hard rock may have worsened tremor

Aimee Whitcroft Feb 25, 2011

Hard basalt rock under the Port Hills, near Lyttelton, may have compounded the effect of Tuesday’s earthquake by reflecting more seismic activity back at Christchurch. Like sound waves, seismic waves can be reflected, absorbed or dispersed, with hard surfaces reflecting them. Being reflected back towards the city in this way might also explain why there are such marked differences in … Read More