Visibly Shaken

Coalmine methane explained (infographic)

Peter Griffin Nov 22, 2010

As a bore hole is drilled down to the shaft at the Pike River mine, where 29 miners are still trapped, focus is on the gases that caused the initial explosion and which still make rescue incredibly dangerous for both miners and rescue crew. This graphic from today’s Dominion Post outlines how methane forms and how it is extracted from … Read More

How the contraceptive implant works (infographic)

Peter Griffin Oct 11, 2010

According to news reports this week, New Zealand women have exhausted in a few weeks a supply of contraceptive implants that was estimated to last the country a year. This from TVNZ: Pharmac started $1 million funding of Bayer’s contraceptive Jadelle from August 1, dropping the price from $300 to $3 – hoping to save costs on repeat … Read More

Auckland through the years (infographic)

Peter Griffin Aug 24, 2010

The New Zealand Herald has created a simple but effective infographic to accompany the series John Roughan is writing on the changes Auckland has gone through over the years. While Roughan goes all the way back to the layered rock formations that created Auckland’s distinctive cliffs, the interactive graphic on the site at the moment tracks … Read More

Rumble in the Kermadec trench

Peter Griffin Aug 17, 2010

As NIWA faced a scurrilous legal challenge over its climate data yesterday, its scientists were getting on with business, releasing details of the partial collapse of an undersea volcano in New Zealand waters. As the Herald reports: A volcanic cone on Rumble III, 200km northeast of Auckland, had crumbled. The volcano’s highest point had dropped 90m further below … Read More

The UK’s cloning conundrum

Peter Griffin Aug 06, 2010

Animal cloning is back in the spotlight in Britain following news that meat and milk from the offspring of cloned cattle may have ended up in products sold at British retailers. It is illegal to sell cloned material in the UK without approval, though scientists approached by the Science Media Centre in London suggest there are no adverse … Read More