Visibly Shaken

How big is the oil spill, actually?

Aimee Whitcroft Jun 03, 2010

As the Deepwater Horizon oil spill continues, and worsens, the area of ocean covered by oil is, of course, growing. However, it is difficult to visualise just how big the spill actually is.  To this end, a new website has emerged which allows one to place the oil spill anywhere in the world, to get a more intuitive feel … Read More

The world by supercomputer

Aimee Whitcroft Jun 02, 2010

The annual Top500 list of supercomputers has been released, and this year the winning supercomputer, Nebulae, has a theoretical peak performance at 2.98 PFlop/s. Of course, given the human wish to compete over things, one way to look at the results is by country, to see who’s got the top supercomputers.  China won this year, … Read More

How oil affects birds’ feathers

Aimee Whitcroft May 26, 2010

The catastrophic Gulf oil spill which began in late April has continued to frustrate all efforts to contain it, and has now reached the shores of Louisiana. Pictures published on Monday show the  tragic effects of the spill on animals along the coast, including birdlife. A graphic in the San Francisco Chronicle perfectly illustrates why oil is so … Read More

Interphone in infographics

Peter Griffin May 18, 2010

The international news media has been abuzz the last couple of days with results of a 10 year study into mobile phone use and the possible link to brain cancer. There have been lots of facts and figures thrown about and the subject really needed a good infographic to illustrate the most important thing – what risk people face … Read More

What happens when camel meets car

Peter Griffin May 16, 2010

A hazard we thankfully don’t have to contend with on rural roads in New Zealand – camels crossing the road. The thing about camels is that their long legs mean the full weight of their body ends up in the front windscreen of the average car as the infographic below from the Times of Oman illustrates… Source: Times of Oman … Read More

BP’s big plug – what the plan was…

Peter Griffin May 10, 2010

The big concrete and steel pill box BP was banking on to plug the oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico failed after hydrate-like crystals formed blocking the top of the dome and making in buoyant. The oil ended up spewing out of the container, leaving engineers looking for a plan B that could include heating the … Read More