Visibly Shaken

Visualising UK election scenarios

Peter Griffin May 07, 2010

New Scientist last week foreshadowed today’s UK election with a look at what the scenarios are in a plurality system of government. The piece also explains the concept of the Banzhof power index which is particularly relevant to the UK election as according to polls 1/3 of voters of UK voters are going into this election undecided on who they … Read More

America’s plan to nuke the east

Peter Griffin Apr 24, 2010

US President Barack Obama may have signed a milestone agreement a couple of weeks ago with Russia to reduce nuclear warhead stocks in both countries. But when it comes to nuclear power stations, production looks set to gear up in the US as states attempt to secure future electricity supply. And as this graphic from USA … Read More

Kiwis’ killer heart attack record

Peter Griffin Apr 22, 2010

The Press carried some sobering statistics this morning about how we are leaders among comparable countries in the developed world when it comes to dying from heart attacks. As The Press health reporter Rebecca Todd explains: Sixty-three New Zealanders per 100,000 die of heart attacks every year, the report on developed nations shows. The next highest is … Read More

Ash fall-out through the ages

Peter Griffin Apr 17, 2010

New Scientist’s rather timely cover story this week looks at the eruption of supervolcano Toba, 74,000 years ago and the impact and scale of ash fall-out from it. As New Scientist explains: Toba is a supervolcano on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. It has blown its top many times but this eruption, 74,000 years ago, was exceptional. Releasing … Read More

The cellular phone book

Vic Arcus Sep 30, 2009

The phone book for a city is a dull read. The surnames, initials and addresses for everyone who lives in a city. For the truly bored, you might find some prurient entertainment in some of the more descriptive surnames. It’s not even complete, given that a significant number of the inhabitants choose not to have their names published. However, with … Read More