Introducing the Bright Ideas Challenge

By Bright Ideas Challenge 20/04/2010

An introduction to the Challenge, and the series, by Grow Wellington CEO Nigel Kirkpatrick

nigel kirkpatrick
Nigel Kirkpatrick

All great discoveries began with an idea, a sense of inquiry and the unrelenting desire to push further, create change and not to be happy with the status quo.

Right here in Wellington people are pioneering ideas that have the potential to change how we live and do business. People are analysing and testing natural products to determine if they have any bioactivity potential for natural or pharmaceutical therapies, Cloud Computing’ solutions are being developed for the creative digital community in North Asia.  World first are being created in design, technology and science.

It is no secret that Wellington is a place of ideas; that it is a place where ambitious people collaborate to make ideas a reality. And what really invigorates Wellington’s innovation culture is the combination of ideas and investment. Ideas without support are just that, ideas. That is why we have set up the Bright Ideas Challenge.

The Bright Ideas Challenge is a chance to transform your bright business idea into reality.

We are interested in all stages of ideas, including dynamic initial ideas, ideas at research and development, prototype, or pilot and revenue generating stages.  We will help take your idea to the next level by providing the right support and the right time.

We know that Wellington is a place of possibilities, where intellect, creativity, commerce and governance thrive in remarkable proximity. We know that Wellingtonians share their stories and on any given day, some of the world’s most interesting and varied conversations take place here so as part of the Bright Idea Challenge there will be opportunities to network with other entrepreneurs, business experts and Wellington investors.

It’s no accident that in the last 20 years, this area has transformed from a windswept, soul-less bureaucracy stop into one of the most sought-after and highly respected regions on earth.

It has been done by harnessing bright ideas and commercializing them. We have come this far but we know there are other ideas out there. Let’s keep the beacon shining. Enter your bright idea at the website: .

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