Inaugural Lectures at the Med School (U of Auckland)

By Fabiana Kubke 30/09/2009

When faculty members at the University of Auckland become Professors, they are asked to step out of their ‘nerd shoes’ and give an ’Inaugural Lecture’. 

If you are at all interested in science, these are great public talks. Not only do the newly-appointed professors put their work in the broader context of health and their scientific discipline but, in many cases, also talk about their scientific trajectory exemplifying how scientific careers are made.

On Thrusday October 1st, Prof Paul Donaldson from the Department of Optometry and Vision Science will give his talk: ’Vision Research at The University of Auckland: An eye on the prize’

On Thursday October 3rd 8th, Professor Peter Black from the Department of Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology will give his talk “Tales of the unexpected”

Both talks will be held at Grafton Campus.