New Centre for Brain Research

By Fabiana Kubke 12/10/2009

The Centre for Brain Research at the University of Auckland will be launched on November 6th 2009. The Centre is led by Professor Richard Faull, and is brings together the large group of neuroscience researchers at the University, the neurologists and neurosurgeons at the Auckland District Health Boards, and the community groups that serve those in New Zealand affected by neurological disease.

Neuroscientists from the different Faculties in the University of Auckland had been interacting through the Auckland Neuroscience Network, but there was a clear recognition that the interaction with the clinical side of neuroscience needed to be enhanced.

The Centre does just that and the launch symbolizes this exciting new opportunity to more formally bring together all those involved in different aspects of neuroscience: from basic research to clinical research and patient care. Deputy Director Professor Alan Barber says:

Research is a fundamental part of our work and enhances clinical care. By becoming an integral part of the Centre for Brain Research we can expand and develop our clinical trials programme and, working alongside scientists, more effectively target our research and treatments to improve patient care.

The scope of the research is too broad to fully describe in a short post, but includes the areas of clinical neuroscience, cognitive and computational neuroscience, molecular and cellular neuroscience and sensory and motor neuroscience. The Centre also houses the Neurological Foundation Human Brain Bank.

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Disclaimer: Fabiana Kubke is a member of the Research Advisory Board and a scientist in Centre for Brain Research, and was secretary of the Auckland Neuroscience Network.