[Open] Science Sunday — 6.12.09

By Fabiana Kubke 06/12/2009

These are some of the fun (and more serious) stuff I found around the magic world of the internet and Open Access.

I give my favourite tweet this week to @MsBehaviour (again) for pointing her tweeps to the Manchester Manifesto. Her tweet links to a great post on the University of Manchester that summarises the issues raised in the Mancherster Manifesto. (The text can be found as pdf here.) Great read.

There is also a great post by Glynn Moody from Open… on ’Harnessing openness in higher education’ which is also a great read.

My favourite piece of research this week is a paper by Karmraan Gill and Dale Purves, ’A Biological Rationale for Musical Scales’ published in PLoS One, looking at the prevalent use of the pentatonic and heptatonic scales.

Karmraan and Purves suggest that we

“prefer tone combinations that reflect the spectral characteristics of conspecific vocalizations.”

Peter Thorne and I once had a discussion on whether our choice of musical scales might be related to the way that sounds are mapped in the cochlea,  which was  fueled by this wonderful video from the 2009 World Science Festival.

Great finds on the internet:

Oh, and congratulations

  • to the new ScienceBlogs and National Geographic partnership and
  • to Peter Gluckman who was named one of the most influential people by The Listener (2009 Power & Influence List: Science & Technology).