[Open] Science Sunday — 31.1.10

By Fabiana Kubke 31/01/2010

January has indeed been a month full of events. After attending Science Online 2010 and Linux.conf.au 2010, I am finally back onto my almost normal routine.

Science Online 2010 was a great experience, albeit difficulties with flight changes that made me miss the last morning of the meeting. It was great to put some human faces to people I knew only from their online persona. The experience was absolutely brilliant, and I will soon be posting on some of the fantastic stuff I learned while I was there. In the meantime, you can read about what happened there from the large list of posts posted here and here.

Tux (lewing@isc.tamu.edu, GIMP)

Linux.conf.au 2010 in Wellington was my next stop. I am glad I went, despite being unsure of what I would get out of it. My main incentive was to learn a bit more what was going on locally in terms of the development of platforms that could facilitate Open Data/Open Science /Open Education, and I was not disappointed. Again, I will be posting what I learned there in future posts.

Some changes in the blogosphere

I was very sad to hear that Dave and Greta Munger have decided to stop posting in Cognitive Daily. I loved their blog, and having just met both of them at Science Online 2010, I can also say they are lovely human beings. The good news is that Dave will continue with his work in ResearchBlogging.org, so we can all continue following his thoughts there.

Cameron Neylon has created a new personal space online. This is one that I will keenly follow. Cameron is a great advocate for openness in science, and a fantastic writer. (I have updated the link on the Blog Roll.)

Celebrating science blogging

The final decisions on Open Laboratory 2009 were made earlier in January, and the final list of the selected blogs can be found here. I can only imagine what a great chore this must have been for all those involved in the final selection, so big kudos to all of them. Although this blog didn’t make it to the final list, I would like to take this opportunity for to thank whoever was behind nominating it, especially given its short life.

Research Blogging Awards 2010ResearchBlogging.org has now opened nominations for the best blogs discussing peer reviewed research. The site aggregates blogs that talk about peer reviewed research, and there are several blogs in Sciblogs that are registered on the site. You might want to consider supporting your favourite Sciblogs bloggers for the different categories. Many of these blogs started in 2009, so they are eligible for the new blog category.

As far as I can tell, these Sciblogs are eligible: Fisheye Perspective, The Chicken or The Egg, The Atavism, BioBlog, misc.ience and yours truly, Building Blogs of Science.