Congratulations Fellow Sciblings

By Fabiana Kubke 26/02/2010

Congratulations to our fellow Sciblings who made it to the finals for the Research Blogging Awards 2010.
Research Blogging Awards 2010

  • Misc.ience (by Aimee Whitcroft) was nominated for best blog in Chemistry, Physics or Astronomy.
  • The Atavism (by David Winter) was nominated for best lay-level blog.

Congratulations to you both (and if I have failed in identifying a sciblogger, please let me know!

0 Responses to “Congratulations Fellow Sciblings”

  • thank you! did you nominate me? trying to track down who’s responsible 😛

    • No, I didn’t. I went into the list at the last minute to see if I thought something/one was missing, and nominated NeuroDojo when I saw it wasn’t on the list (nice to see he made it to the finals!). We must all have a guardian angel, mine had also gotten nominated, but also don’t know by whom or in which category.

  • hmmm, the mystery continues… congrats on also getting put forward, though – it’s always nice to be appreciated 🙂

  • With the risk of falling into the “Oscar Trap”: It is an honour to be nominated 🙂

  • Do you ever believe those actors that don’t win the oscar and say they are happy just to be nominated? 🙂 I actually am happy to just be nominated!

  • aaaah. i thought it was some oblique reference to Oscar Wilde…