About Paulo Freire

By Fabiana Kubke 08/06/2010

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As part of the Postgraduate Certificate where I am a student, I was to give a 10 minute lecture on one theory of teaching. A list of ‘candidate’ theories were provided, and to my surprise Paulo Freire‘s ‘Pedagogy of the Opressed’ was in the list.

Well, that was quite a surprise.

I had first come across Paulo Freire’s orginal book about over twenty years ago, when I read it in the context of literacy programmes in Latin America. I would not have, then and now, predicted that his ideas would ever make it to a rather mainstream reading list. So, of course, I thought it would be fun to read him once again.

I don’t think I was aware how much I had internalised Freire, and how much of the way that I think about teaching is inspired by that original reading. It was indeed an interesting excercise. Especially because this time around I read his book while thinking how (or if) his ideas could be put in place in tertiary education given the real life limitations of the current tertiary system (like the large size of the classes).

In any case, this lecture also gave me the opportunity to give Prezi a go. First time user, but I love what can be done with it.

Freire’s philosophy is perhaps better defined for what it is not (it is not what he calls banking education). What it is, to me, is what is in this presentation. This presentation also has some thoughts about how I think his ideas could be applied to the current educational system.

It may make for a nice debate, so I thought why let all the work go to waste, right?

Well, here it is: http://prezi.com/3wsh5y4vtl4c/

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  • Fabiana.

    Thanks for posting your prezi presentation here, a fascinating subject. I have learnt many of the concepts elsewhere, but never come across Freire’s name before. I guess his ideas have become so integrated into modern education practice.
    One of the challenges with the “newer” approaches to education is it takes more skill and training to be an effective “facilitator” of learning compared to the to the authoritarian approach common a few decades ago (and still being used by a few educators).
    Teaching is definitely a 2 way process. I enjoy learning things from my students as much as I enjoy teaching them things.

  • Thank you! – I haven’t seen Prezi before. I would like to have heard your presentation; it looks as if we would have a lot in common 🙂
    Do you have access to coursecast (panopto)? I use it in lectures & my students can replay the lectures later (I notice a lot of them use it coming up to tests!), but it’s also really good as a tool for reflecting on one’s own teaching.

  • @drmike glad you enjoyed it. Freire is definitely worth a read. There is a great take on his ideas by Rocha 1. E. P Rocha, “The applicability of Paulo Freire’s method to tertiary education in the Caribbean.,” Continuum (2006): 29–34. (I included one of her quotes)

  • @ Alison Prezi is a great tool. I am developing a few sets, I will post them when I am finished with them.
    I have heard of coursecasting, but have never tried it. I keep forgetting to take my recording pen to record myself and listen to me… oh well…. Next semester….