#SciFund is up at RocketHub!

By Fabiana Kubke 02/11/2011

What if scientists were to crowd-source funding for their research?

Yup, you heard right. Many scientists are asking the question: what would people, rather than established funding agencies, put their pennies on…..

And the answer will be found through the SciFund challenge. 49 projects, 44 days left to raise money on RocketHub.

From athlete’s foot, climate change, crayfish, cancer and … yes … zombies! you can find an array of projects looking for a donation.  So here is an invitation for you to head on to RocketHub and look at what scientists are asking help to fund.

And yes, here is my plug:

All the credit to Daniel Mietchen for putting this together! You can fuel this project here: Beethoven’s open repository of research.

So, come on, start clicking!