A personal thank you note to Peter Griffin

By Fabiana Kubke 07/10/2012

When Victoria Costello contacted me to join the blog ‘Mind the Brain’ over at the PLoS blogging network, I was thrilled.

I love PLoS. I heard of them back when they were just starting, and have since contributed as an author and an academic editor. I have met both online and in real life people I respect and admire who are or were involved with PLoS. I also have a lot of respect for what PLoS has achieved not just as a publishing platform but for the role they play in the Open Access movement. Joining the PLoS blogging network? Heck, yeah!

Church Door

Image by By doc(q)man, licensed under CC-BY

Then there is Sciblogs.

I met Peter Griffin back in 2009 I think, and it would not be long before he, Dacia Herbulock  and I would be sitting over a coffee discussing what was to become my blog. It was to be my first blogging experience (one that was made easier by Keith Ng’s blogging advice, and Peter’s continued words of wisdom). And so this blog was born. I might never have started blogging had it not been for Peter, and I am grateful to him for helping me find my voice. So after receiving Victoria’s invitation I rang him.

There were many possible scenarios how this might have played out. It wasn’t like Peter had not pinged me before asking why I wasn’t posting for a while. It isn’t like other blogs haven’t been archived. It is not like I bring a significant proportion of traffic to Sciblogs. Yet, Peter offered nothing but support and encouragement with the PLoS venture. And when my first post was published, he tweeted it from both his personal and the Science Media Centre account, and even highlighted it in the Science Media Centre’s newsletter. In short his response was, well, extra-ordinary.

So, I thought a hat tip was well-deserved. So there, Peter, a big thanks for not forcing me to make what would have been a very difficult choice.