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Open Research coming to a neighbourhood near you

Fabiana Kubke Jan 20, 2013

…or at least to Auckland. 2012 was a great year for Open Research. The publication of the Finch Report (pdf), the decision from the UK Research Councils to have work they fund published under a Creative Commons licence, and the move from NIH to start enforcing their Open Access Mandates, are a few of the […] … Read More

PeerJ pulls off a hat trick

Fabiana Kubke Dec 03, 2012

It is December 3. It is the birthday* of John Backus, Richard Kuhn, Anna Freud, Carlos Juan Finlay, and, why not, Ozzy Osbourne. It is also the day that PeerJ starts receiving manuscript submissions. I talked about PeerJ before and why I was so enthusiastic about its launch. Over the last while I have been […] … Read More

A personal thank you note to Peter Griffin

Fabiana Kubke Oct 07, 2012

When Victoria Costello contacted me to join the blog ‘Mind the Brain’ over at the PLoS blogging network, I was thrilled. I love PLoS. I heard of them back when they were just starting, and have since contributed as an author and an academic editor. I have met both online and in real life people […] … Read More

New Zealand Open Source Awards

Fabiana Kubke Sep 25, 2012

When I was contacted to be a judge for the New Zealand Open Source Awards, I was elated. When I was told there was to be an Open Science category, I could not contain my joy. The New Zealand Open Source Awards celebrate everything that is good about Open Source – mainly the opportunity to […] … Read More


Fabiana Kubke May 22, 2012

If you are on twitter you might have seen that hashtag. And if you are a tax payer then we need you! A petition has been lodged at the White House ‘We the People’ asking for all tax-payer generated scientific results to be made freely available. This is how it works – If we get 25,000 […] … Read More