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Open Science Sunday — 15.11.09

Fabiana Kubke Nov 15, 2009

An article entitled University Public-Access Mandates are Good for Science by David Shulenburger was published in PLoS Biology this week. It is a great read, and a topic I feel passionate about. As the article states: “Not many taxpayers know what university faculty are doing. In fact, not many university administrators or even other faculty know [...] … Read More

[Open] Science Sunday — 8.11.09

Fabiana Kubke Nov 08, 2009

Random samples of my reading list brought to you through the magic of the internet, bloggers and Open Access If you ever wondered what makes a scientists a scientist, you are not alone. And at The Onion News, a new report just in: “Scientists dissect coworker to find out more about scientists” addresses precisely this. There is a [...] … Read More

Google, Waves and Fireflies

Fabiana Kubke Nov 06, 2009

I just learned through “The Complete Guide to GoogleWave” (HT @BoraZ) that Google Wave takes its name after the way that characters in the TV series Firefly/Serenity communicated with each other through ‘waves’. Which reminded me of the fireflies in Elkmont in the Smoky Mountains National Park. When I was a post-doc in the US, I [...] … Read More

How do birds sense the Earth’s magnetic field?

Fabiana Kubke Nov 03, 2009

If there is a physical property in the world that provides useful information, chances are that at least some animals will have evolved a sensory system to exploit it. The Earth’s magnetic field is no exception: it provides useful and reliable information to navigate the globe. There has been extensive research into whether and how [...] … Read More

On the instinct in the cockroach

Fabiana Kubke Oct 23, 2009

There is the data, and then there is the interpretation of the data. They are not the same thing, although this line gets blurred too often. Many years ago Andy Moiseff, a colleague of mine, showed me a ‘Letters to The Editor’, published in 1887 in Science. (G Hay. Instinct in the cochroach. Science Vol IX [...] … Read More