Far North drought brings Kaitaia water restrictions - Crikey Creek

Daniel Collins Mar 08, 2010

The Far North District Council has imposed water restrictions in Kaitaia and Opononi/Omapere, as the drought in the Far North intensifies and looks set to continue into April. While residents have reduced water consumption, total Kaitaia water use is still about 400 cubic metres (15%) per day too high. What was previously a 20% voluntary reduction has become … Read More

Why was CNN in Palmerston North? Methane! - Griffin's Gadgets

Peter Griffin Mar 03, 2010

It’s a rare event that brings a CNN news crew to New Zealand – an America’s Cup campaign or a Lord of the Rings launch usually. Or in this case a disrupted flight schedule which prevented the crew from heading to its intended destination – Chile. So the newly formed Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Centre was lucky … Read More

GM ryegrass – at least 7 years away from release - Griffin's Gadgets

Peter Griffin Mar 02, 2010

The Royal Society’s dispassionate summary of the potential benefits and risks of planting crops of GM forage for farm animals to feed on makes for interesting reading, thought its lack of recommendations on a way forward for GM in New Zealand may leave you wondering what the message from science actually is. At the Science Media Centre … Read More

GMOs and the plants we eat: neither are "natural" - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Dec 15, 2009

[caption id="attachment_818" align="alignright" width="341" caption="(Source: wikipedia.)"][/caption] Some say that genetically modified plants are a concern because they're genetically modified organisms (GMOs), that "natural" plants are safer. Yet what most people call "natural" foods are rare mutants that have been selected or have been artificially bred (or often both). They have much more dramatic … Read More

Artists and politicians gather to save Canterbury’s water - Crikey Creek

Daniel Collins Dec 14, 2009

Canterbury’s water management needs a serious overhaul, according to artists and activists who gathered for an art exhibition at Christchurch’s COCA on Saturday. The exhibition featured works by 12 artists brought together by local artists Sally Hope and Jane Zusters for the second annual Artists for Save Our Water project. The focus this year was on … Read More