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Walker update - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Dec 15, 2009

Good news: my co-blogger Bryan Walker is home from hospital after a successful operation. He’ll be taking things quietly for a while, but with luck he’ll have his blogging boots on before the end of the year. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery! … Read More

Artists and politicians gather to save Canterbury’s water - Crikey Creek

Daniel Collins Dec 14, 2009

Canterbury’s water management needs a serious overhaul, according to artists and activists who gathered for an art exhibition at Christchurch’s COCA on Saturday. The exhibition featured works by 12 artists brought together by local artists Sally Hope and Jane Zusters for the second annual Artists for Save Our Water project. The focus this year was on … Read More

The business of climate change — who really bears the burden? - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Dec 11, 2009

This guest post comes from Mahara Inglis (left) and Oliver Bruce, members of the New Zealand Youth Delegation to COP15 in Copenhagen, who describe themselves as “a group of 12 young people passionate about ensuring our climate policies look after the planet for generations to come!” The original was posted at Mahara’s blog. They make [...] … Read More

Christchurch art exhibit on local water fight - Crikey Creek

Daniel Collins Dec 11, 2009

Short notice, I know, but tomorrow is the last day of the Rivertalk exhibition at the COCA. “Sponsored by The Malvern Hills Protection Society and Alpine Jets the artists journeyed the Waimakariri River seeking inspiration for this exhibition The artists celebrate through their art this magnificent braided river threatened by the proposed Central Plains Water Scheme. Accompanying this exhibition … Read More

Water news haikus no. 7 - Crikey Creek

Daniel Collins Dec 11, 2009

More regular than India’s summer monsoon But not quite as wet Science A seismic story Of fluvial erosion Around Gibraltar Minimal model Of monsoonal tipping point Controlled by water Historical links Between war and temp’rature What of climate change? New Zealand ECan’s head in sand: Surface-groundwater exchange … Read More