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Nutt saga rattles on - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Nov 07, 2009

It always was going to, as a good British drama should. One of the latest twists is a letter outlining Principles for the Treatment of Independent Scientific Advice (available as a PDF file) has been sent to 10 Dowling St, signed by a number of (very) senior former scientific advisors and leading academics including the … Read More

Fees or deposits for undergraduate university degree courses? - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Nov 06, 2009

When the government moved to "full-cost" course fees for undergraduate university courses, I felt it was an heavy-handed solution and wondered if a deposit scheme might have been a wiser starting point. (For any readers wandering in from overseas, I'm speaking of New Zealand (NZ) universities, but my general thoughts may still be worth considering?) … Read More

Water news haikus - Crikey Creek

Daniel Collins Nov 06, 2009

More haikus for you’s Could this be the beginning Of a trend in news? Science Flood risk perceptions Correlate with age, knowledge Lessons from Holland Irrigation’s role In Asia’s summer monsoon Corroborated New Zealand Gerry Brownlee said: “Not the Mokihinui” Loose lips sink dam hopes FedFarmers wants … Read More

World air traffic flow - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Nov 06, 2009

Air traffic flow around the world for 24 hours: (Video of 24-hour traffic flow on earth.) I don’t know about you, but looking at the USA and Europe at peak times is kind-of scary. This video reminds me of being in the larger international airports watching them fire off ‘plane after … Read More