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ViNES - The Scientist NZ

Aaron Small Aug 21, 2009

When I first started The Scientist NZ, one of my first posts was about a group of us who were keen to advance both our careers in science in NZ, and in a wider sense the knowledge-based economy in NZ.Well, things are progressing nicely, and we now have... Read More

Big Science - The Scientist NZ

Aaron Small Aug 19, 2009

There was an excellent article in the Listener last month about the role of science and technology companies growing the NZ economy. It features a number of comments from my employers at Endeavour Capital, and their portfolio companies, Veritide (who m... Read More

New RST Strategy? - The Scientist NZ

Aaron Small Aug 14, 2009

On Wednesday I attended the presentation by MP Wayne Mapp (Research Science and Technology Minister) on his vision for RST Policy in New Zealand.Although I am always amazed at how long politicians can speak for and not say anything, I was actually quit... Read More

NZ: Feeding the World? - The Scientist NZ

Aaron Small Aug 10, 2009

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will probably be aware that I am an advocate for science underpinning the NZ economy and ultimately leading to the future prosperity of our nation. There is often the confusion that scientists like myself t... Read More

Innovation in NZ - The Scientist NZ

Aaron Small Jul 17, 2009

There have been some interesting comments in the media lately from Prime Minister John Key, regarding the decline in NZ's productivity. Economists sometimes refer to this decline as the New Zealand paradox: "The mystery is why a country that seems clos... Read More

Is the mainstream media joining the fight against health fraud? - NZ Science Talk

Kevin Dec 03, 2007

There is an interesting set of articles in the Seattle Times entitled “21st-century snake-oil” [Times, page one, Nov. 18-21] in response to this tragedy. A five month old baby received twice a day “Bio-Energy” – powerful electromagnetic waves supposedly delivered to the tumour in his neck. The treatments failed and the baby died in what [...] … Read More