Come on Paul, Colin… - Light My Fibre

John Nixon Dec 05, 2009

Paul who? Colin who? Normally I don’t like talking about individuals, but sometimes I feel the uncontrollable urge to do so! Paul Budde first. He is a very well known and “respected” expert in Telecoms, broadband, FTTH, NBN etc. He’s a Dutch-born Aussie living not too far from Sydney. Paul has just issued a public declaration condemning … Read More

IPTV Trials by TelstraClear in New Zealand - Light My Fibre

John Nixon Nov 30, 2009

This morning TelstraClear announced that it had completed trials of an IPTV system they hope to offer to their broadband subscribers throughout New Zealand. This of course is on the back of the Government’s plans for a National Ultra-fast Fibre Optic network. If the IPTV service is enabled, I just wonder what TelstraClear will offer in the way of … Read More

The cheap supercomputer - Kagaku

Motoko Kakubayashi Nov 29, 2009

Using parts sold at your local electronics store to make a supercomputer?  Sounds like something MacGyver would do. But at last week’s Supercomputing Conference in Oregon, USA, a Gordon Bell Prize was awarded to a team of researchers who did just that. Nagasaki University associate professor Tsuyoshi Hamada and his team spent a mere NZ$600,000 to develop their supercomputer made … Read More

Change and passion with FTTH - Light My Fibre

John Nixon Nov 23, 2009

I suspect that most of my readers have met me, know my background. I’ve had a wonderful career in electronics: design, prototyping, programming, test, installation… patent applications. At an age when most of my my peers have disconnected, I find myself “born-again” professionally with the advent of FTTH. My work in the transport of Digital Radio and TV … Read More

How to make money from your science - A Measure of Science

Shaun Hendy Nov 22, 2009

The MacDiarmid Institute held its annual meeting at the University of Auckland this year.  This year’s theme was ’How to make money from your $cience’.  Our students and post-docs participated, along with a number of students from Singapore.  The science students were taught how to write a business plan, then put into teams together with a student from … Read More

FTTH Excitement in Auckland - Light My Fibre

John Nixon Nov 21, 2009

Following the extremely successful FTTH Asia-Pacific Council annual conference in Melbourne last May, the Council opted to hold their General Meeting here in Auckland last week. Some 40 members from all over the region attended, for some their first visit to New Zealand. After a busy first day’s business, the group was hosted by … Read More

TIVO reviewed – part 2 - Griffin's Gadgets

Peter Griffin Nov 19, 2009

UPDATE: I’ve heard from Georgie at TIVO about using a TIVO box if you’re NOT a Telecom broadband subscriber – it IS possible – see section “True video on demand” for details. While TIVO’s arrival on the New Zealand market should be wholeheartedly welcomed, MySky’s entrenched presence in the market has really stolen the thunder of the iconic … Read More

The search engine that fights crime - Kagaku

Motoko Kakubayashi Nov 16, 2009

Taking it to the next level A search engine programmed to look at your clothes will cut the hours you would spend staring at security camera footage to find that thief who stole your bag. Japanese IT company NEC have developed a search engine which looks for individuals in video footage based on the colour of their clothes. If say, … Read More