Using science to go after movie pirates - Kagaku

Motoko Kakubayashi Sep 28, 2009

Japanese scientists have found a way to block parts of the movie screen from the camera of a would-be pirated movie maker. A week ago, National Institute of Informatics associate professor Isao Echizen and electronics manufacturer Sharp announced they had made a device which sends out near-infrared rays which erases images recorded on a camera. By putting a noise light … Read More

Networks of inventors - A Measure of Science

Shaun Hendy Sep 28, 2009

Over the last six months I’ve been studying an OECD patent database with a research assistant, Catriona Sissons. The goal of our project is to study the economic geography of innovation in a quantitative manner. One of the things we have investigated is whether collaborative networks form between inventors through co-patenting. To find co-patents between inventors we use European Patent … Read More