Mystery organism photo of the month

By Hilary Miller 27/10/2009

A test for you all this week – who can tell me what this is a photo of?


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  • Two questions:
    a) animal or vegetable?
    b) is this photo the right way up (i.e. you haven’t sneakily turned it on its side, for example)…

    We’re certainly intrigued!

  • If the orientation was different (ie if the thread was vertical) I’d have suggested a glow-worm’s thread…

  • Yes the photo is the right way up! It is animal-derived but you can’t actually see the animal. Grant has it spot on – honeydew from a scale insect. For bonus points, can anyone guess which species? The photo was taken in the tararua ranges (I think on red beech).

  • *Whines*: aww, gee, I never get that! 🙂

    Seriously, I’d have to look it up.I only know the little things because as a tramper I’ve often eaten the honeydew.