Evolutionary tunes #2

By Hilary Miller 30/11/2009

A few months ago I posted about a group of researchers in Germany who developed a musical game to demonstrate the processes of evolution.  Now researchers at Imperial College London have initiated a similar experiment called DarwinTunes, where you can participate as a selective force to help the music evolve…

At Imperial College we are conducting an experiment to test the proposition that culture evolves in a Darwinian fashion. We have developed a web-based system called DarwinTunes in which a population of short computer-generated-tunes evolves by mutation, recombination and selection.

The selective force is the public. They listen to the songs, rate them, and so define their fitness. You can participate too! We started with a population of randomly generated loops and are currently at ~2000 generations.

To find out more go to


log on, and be a selective force!

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