Carnival of Evolution and Research Blogging

By Hilary Miller 26/01/2010

I just discovered a blog carnival some of you might be interested in.  The Carnival of Evolution is out monthly and collects some of the most interesting posts on evolution from throughout the blogosphere.  January’s edition was hosted by Observations of a Nerd, and submissions are currently being sought for February’s edition (out on Feb 1st at Skeptic Wonder).

In other blogging news, you may have noticed that some of my posts have the Research blogging icon – the green tick – on them (and if you’re reading this on Sciblogs, many of the other bloggers use this too).  This indicates that I’m blogging about published, peer-reviewed research and the post also appears on the website. collects posts from over 1000 different blogs so is a great place to go to read about published research that might not otherwise make its way out of the scientific literature.  

Anyway, is now giving out awards (and cash!) to celebrate the best in research blogging – there are all sorts of categories, including best biology blog, best blog post, and best research twitterer.  So head over there and nominate your favourite research blog (hint hint!).