Feb round-up

By Hilary Miller 26/02/2010

Well this month has been a pretty unproductive one for blogging, but extremely productive in other ways as I welcomed my new daughter into the world on Feb 2nd.  In amongst the endless feeding, dirty nappies and general sleep-deprived haze, I have occasionally managed to get online and thought I’d share a couple of evolution-y things that have landed in my inbox:

The European Society for Evolutionary Biology has launched a new website aimed at improving public education and understanding of evolution.  The site is called Evolution Matters: A Guide to the Creationism/Evolution Controversy, and can be found at http://www.oeaw.ac.at/klivv/evolution/.  The site has lots of useful material, with an outline of the central issues in the creation/evolution debate (also available for download as a pdf), lots of useful links and teaching resources.

The Allan Wilson Centre has launched a new resource on its website, where you can recreate a couple of Allan Wilson’s most well-known research projects – phylogenetic analysis of the Quagga, and analysis of human origins (the project that led to the “Mitochondrial Eve” hypothesis).  Aimed a members of public, the site guides users through the analysis, using real datasets and modern software with the aim of improving understanding of the scientific process.

And if you’re feeling hungry, some geeky science cookies for you: http://www.thekitchn.com/thekitchn/roundup-food-blogs/phd-in-delicious-the-science-cookie-project-not-so-humble-pie-108963

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