Chicken or Egg

I’m on a break…

Hilary Miller Apr 07, 2011

Regular readers of this blog (I’m assuming here I have some) will have noticed a distinct lack of action round these parts lately.  Rest assured I’m still here, but busy with analysing more data than I know what to do with, a paid writing gig, and running around after a fast-crawling toddler.  Which unfortunately leaves little […] … Read More

RIP Richard Henry

Hilary Miller Jan 14, 2011

From Codfish Island this morning comes the sad news of the death of Richard Henry, the last remaining Fiordland kakapo.  Richard Henry was captured in Fiordland in 1975, at a time when kakapo were thought to be virtually extinct.  All other kakapo currently living are descended from birds discovered on Stewart Island in 1977.  A […] … Read More

Great wildlife photography

Hilary Miller Nov 18, 2010

Some fantastic wildlife snaps from the winners of the GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year (the humingbird is my favourite) … Read More

Tuatara tuesday – an iconic parasite for an iconic species

Hilary Miller Oct 26, 2010

As you might expect from an animal that is so evolutionarily distant from its nearest relatives, the tuatara also has some unique parasites to call its own.  One of these is the tick Amblyomma sphenodonti (sometimes also called Aponomma sphenodonti), pictured here. Like many ticks, A. sphenodonti are host-specific, spending all three of their life stages […] … Read More

Don’t forget to vote!

Hilary Miller Oct 10, 2010

No, not for your local government (you’re too late for that).  For New Zealand’s Bird of the Year, of course! Apparently the pukeko is out in front. Come on people, can’t we at least chose something endemic? A species that we don’t share with Australia and numerous other countries??  There’s plenty to chose from – [...] … Read More

A falcon’s eye view of flight

Hilary Miller Sep 27, 2010

This video has been doing the rounds, and its so cool I just have to post it here.  The video shows the amazing maneuverability and speed of birds of prey in flight, thanks to “on bird” cameras mounted on a peregrine falcon and a goshawk. hat-tip: Ars technica … Read More