Chicken or Egg

Tuatara Tuesday — Stephens Island

Hilary Miller Sep 21, 2010

This little guy lives on Stephens Island in the Marlborough Sounds, and is affectionately known as “tree tut” to the Victoria University researchers who frequent the island.  Because he lives in a tree, of course.  His tree is along the pathway between the house occupied by the DoC rangers and the house where the researchers stay, [...] … Read More

Tuatara tuesday — its not a dinosaur, OK?

Hilary Miller Sep 14, 2010

From today I’ll be starting a semi-regular series of posts about my favourite reptile and #1 study organism, the tuatara.  I want to start by clearing up a misconception that I see repeated time and time again, that tuatara are “New Zealand’s living dinosaur”. Tuatara are an entirely different lineage of reptiles from the dinosaurs.  [...] … Read More


New Zealand Conservation Week

Hilary Miller Sep 12, 2010

This week (September 12-19th) is New Zealand Conservation Week. There are a huge number of events planned around the country, including weed swaps, planting days, beach clean ups, and talks.  The chickenoreggblog family will be doing its bit by taking to the Darwin’s Barberry seedlings that are threatening to take over the garden here on [...] … Read More

Tuatara: one species or two? (re-post)

Hilary Miller Aug 21, 2010

The chicken or egg blog family is on holiday in Germany during August, so I probably won’t have a chance to write any new posts.  To keep you all entertained, I’ll be re-posting some of my earlier (pre-Sciblogs) articles. This post was written in July 2009. New Zealand’s most iconic reptile, the tuatara, is currently regarded [...] … Read More

Finding a ’real’ job

Hilary Miller Jul 22, 2010

The postdoc journal of today’s issue of Nature has Katherine Sixt lamenting about the lack of “real” jobs (ie tenure track, academic positions) for PhD graduates and postdocs, and how making the sideways shift into an alternative career can feel like a failure.  She cites these figures from the US: According to the US National [...] … Read More

Beating the creationists at their own game?

Hilary Miller Jul 21, 2010

The presence of “gaps” in the fossil record is one of the main arguments creationists use against evolution. The transition from Coelurosaurian dinosaurs to birds is one such purported gap that creationists like to harp on about.  Evolutionary biologists would argue that Archeopteryx fills this gap quite nicely, but this is disputed by creationists, who argue [...] … Read More


So now you know…

Hilary Miller Jul 15, 2010

This from British scientists believe they have cracked the answer to the age-old question of which came first, the chicken or the egg? Researchers have found that a protein called ovocleidin (OC-17) is crucial in the formulation of eggshells, and it is produced in the pregnant hen’s ovaries, the Daily Express reports. Therefore, the [...] … Read More