A glimpse into the insanity files

By Brendan Moyle 13/10/2010

To reinforce the idea that a stalker is not some infatuated, pining soul, here’s some excerpts from just the week I was in China.  The person concerned here received prophetic dreams from God, which gives some context to the religious elements to these messages.

At this point I had not communicated to the person for almost 2 months.  The theory is that by not communicating at all, to any provocation, this will cause the person to eventually give up.

I am not backing down from prophecy,.,,you are fucking fraud, lying to people, and I dont care what happens

just opening up another hotmail account, get ready to have your life destroyed

@XX yeah much more delicious and truthful individuals online..reporting brendan now to his boss

Good luck with your pathetic life and lies brendan moyle, good riddens

I sent it brendan/ the mail is sent,,time to say goodbye

Cheers to good ole fashion revenge when people dont want to do the right thing immediately

after i tell him all I discovered via my giftings…which he will believe because you are divorced…then I am going to tell him the rest [I’m not divorced]

maybe family can get you to a damn doctor

I have to think of others online..that is why I am contacting your family [followed by posting my physical street address]

you are a sick and abusive man, and I am not letting you away with it since you are not clearing up the issue

and I am going to make sure your family is aware of what an abomination you turned into..violating womens trust/ so many men would stand in a line up to give him a slap for doing that.. many…he is demonic deviant, and I am going to make sure it ends

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  • Around about now I’d be calling the police I think, otherwise you might soon be living a scene from Cape Fear, you know the one where Max Caddy is clinging on to the underside of the car??

  • From a medical viewpoint it sounds as though this person is very unwell and needs an urgent review by a psychiatrist under the Mental Health (Compulsory Assessment and Treatment) Act 1992. It sounds as though they are delusional and they certainly seem to be directly threatening your own life and welfare. Please get the police involved as soon as possible; if they are already involved then keep going back to them with all of the communications that you have received.

  • Well, I’m glad to know that NZ has legislation in place. For better or worse, the woman is based in Canada. This from what I can tell, limits the scope of several NZ laws that would otherwise be applicable. But on the plus side, it does make it harder for her to present a physical risk.

  • Can the New Zealand police ask for assistance from their Canadian colleagues? Although she is in Canada, it still sounds as though she is very unwell and someone needs to assess her and see if they can help her.

  • I don’t know. I have approached the RCMP, but it seems they need an approach made to them via the NZ Police. This is all part of what I’m finding quite frustrating- I don’t think the law is keeping up with the internet. Nobody seems quite sure of what the proper procedure is for transnational cases.

    I agree that she does have a palpable need for mental health assistance. I’m told that she has been in mental health care before, & there is some family history of it too.