Monday Morning Macro- 1 November

By Brendan Moyle 01/11/2010

This is a spider photo, which I actually took at Singapore Zoo. The novel feature I guess of this photo, is I didn’t have a proper macro lens to make the shot. So this is using a combination of a 70-200/4 lens and a achromatic diopter, with of course, a flash. In effect, I’m having to improvise. Which is a common issue with travel photography.

It is a female and an orbweb spider.  The colours and spikes actually make for quite good camouflage.

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    • Hi- well, I don’t think there are any bad spiders. But if you mean is it venomous to people, no. It’s an orbweb. The family is pretty harmless (and the fangs a bit too small) to really cause any concern.