A quiet day working on my photo website

By Brendan Moyle 08/11/2010

Wildlife photography is something that should keep you outside a lot, but there’s also a fair bit of computer work attached to it also.  This is really a consequence of the digital age.

My photo website is one of these enduring, ongoing works-of-love.  So I spent some of Sunday night playing around with a new format.  Plus I’ve  mucked about with one of my favourite photographic subjects- the estuarine crocodile Crocodylus porosus. They’re pretty much the most thrilling animal I’ve photographed.

One of the main reasons I refer these crocodile as the estuarine, is that the other common names- the saltwater or saltie- is that this confuses some people. The assumption that such crocodiles are thus only found in salt water is a risky assumption to make. These crocodiles can travel a long way up rivers and are not at all reluctant to predate on people. People are actually quite easy to hunt if they enter into estuarine crocodile habitat.