You can’t keep the crazy down

By Brendan Moyle 19/09/2011

Readers with long attention-spans will know that I acquired a female stalker (Dawn Gordon) last year. The depth and strength of her attachment has been sustained. Unlike the notorious David Mabus (who demonstrated that in Canada, you apparently have a license to threaten scientists and skeptics with death for years; but not if you issue that same threat against a member of Canada’s fine law enforcement agencies) who had a scatter-approach to stalking, Dawn is very focused on a very small group of people on the net.

Dawn is also from Canada by the way.

The overall problem is that she thinks these other people are either me, or someone close to me. For months, a 30 yr old woman in Indonesia (who has a penchant for love poetry) has been bombarded with messages on her blog. All of these are under the delusion that Dawn is talking to me, and the poems had secret messages to her.

She churns through Tumblr blogs, where at one stage I think she believed that 60 different bloggers on Tumblr were me.  The abuse she rains down on such people tend to have her accounts terminated. She was for almost a year, banned from Twitter.

A couple of weeks ago, she was bombarding NZ mental-health websites with messages about the problems I was supposed to be having.  I’m guessing they deduced the ‘crazy’ fairly quickly, because well, her complaints weren’t actioned.

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The cycle of contact seems to have two basic phases. The hate-cycle where she promises she’ll destroy my life, and threatens me with punishment from God. She already believes this has worked, as I’m alleged to have lost my employment many months ago at Massey.  My status as a member of staff on the Massey website is wished away as a fabrication.

The other phase is all about desire.  She messaged the Indonesian blogger that she was still in love, thinking of leaving her husband, and still masturbating about me.

Illustrative of this is this blog-post she made in November last year.

It would seem that one of the problems with the just block-and-ignore approach, is that in the internet-era, is it’s more difficult to break contact. Dawn’s stalking has been sustained by the belief that lots of people are in fact me. Or someone very close to me. This is symptomatic of her deteriorating mental health.

Her delusions have led her to target many other people on the web, and there’s now a very good webpage cataloguing her posts: followingfawnhordon

A petition has also been started to get her  assistance from health-authorities in Canada.

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