Tonight’s sallies from cuckoo-land

By Brendan Moyle 22/09/2011

Some more missives from Dawn’s tumblr blog.  Many of the key-phrases she uses are commonly applied to me. It’s  likely she’s found some other poor sod on tumblr she thinks is a front of mine. Some attempts at suasion going on to abandon my “covert, cryptic life” sic.  Which is that I’m not really a married, very busy conservationist and academic (& atheist). That I’m really a divorced, unemployed Christian who pretends to be an atheist.


This shows up more of the odious elements of her fantasy. My marriage, my fidelity; it’s all asserted to be a fiction. That I’m really beset by various vices. And it concludes with another common ploy. That others find her attractive. This comes up regularly, nearly always aimed at me.

Plus here’s a different take on tonight’s posts from Renee Hendricks blog at some of the hypocrisy.