Then there’s the email

By Brendan Moyle 28/09/2011 2

This is what 48 hours of emails looks like.

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This is not an exchange. This is not me responding. This is one way-traffic. You don’t read this crap. You weigh it, or measure its height against a ruler.

Some of these emails were also sent by Dawn to the Australia & NZ Mental Health Association, the NZ National Centre of Mental Health and the Mental Health Foundation (but I’m not going to disclose the nature & content of her complaints).

And from overnight, more stuff from the pretend lawyer.

2 Responses to “Then there’s the email”

  • Crikey, Brendan.
    At least the various mental health organisations should be well placed to assess where the problem lies – but what a hideous waste of many people’s time and energy.

  • Somedays I’m a little surprised there are people in NZ who haven’t had an email from her.

    But yeah, it kind of helps her deterioration makes her claims seem very unbelievable.