The increasing value of privacy

By Brendan Moyle 26/04/2013

The motivation for this blog post is the acceptance of one of my papers at an international conference.  All was good until I hit the photography/video waiver.  A condition of attendance is that you can be photographed or videoed, and these images used by the scientific organisation for their purposes.

I am very uncomfortable with this.  As a rule, I don’t put out current images of me on the web.  I baulked at the Massey press-releases that used my image- and that only went to a few organisations.  Little by little, through various social media and the web, our privacy is being eroded.  I put a high value on it.

Part my motive of course, is I’m going to be traveling thousands of miles and be much much closer to my stalker.  Who has at numerous times threatened to destroy my life.  Anything that makes me easier to identify is not something that sits well.

In some ways I do find it odd.  Conferences have got better at protecting privacy.  Historically email addresses were published in the programmes, which were uploaded to websites.  I probably got a lot of spam form bots that harvested email addresses form these sites.  Now this is rare.  Email addresses are much more guarded by conference organisers.  This seizure of imagery is a backward move.

It is far too easy to surrender private information to others.  That only makes what we have left even more valuable.  I resent the presumption that I should give it up it so easily.


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  • Hmmm…..”Brendon Moyle” into Google Images seems to work. But then….it might the wrong Bendon Moyle…..Massey, Zoo, wildlife, tigers, ….smells like it but.

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  • They’re all a little dated. I don’t usually travel with a baby tiger