Wild NZ

By Brendan Moyle 28/10/2013

One of the great things about New Zealand is we’re not starved for good landscape scenes.  On the other hand the weather isn’t always cooperative.  In fact, the thing about being on an Oceanic Island is that the weather can change a lot.  Sometimes I can choose when to go out and photograph.  Sometimes you don’t get any choice.

A case in point was our expedition to the West Coast last summer.  I envisaged lovely summer weather, sunshine and glorious pictures of the Fox Glacier and the like.  Instead it rained, a lot.  We got hit with floods in Golden Bay. We seemed to be under a near constant rain cloud that whole trip. Ok, it wasn’t that bad, there were definitely good moments.  But overall, the visions were not being served.

Fox Glacier was pretty poor weather.  My goal of pristine shots of massive walls of ice were instantly thwarted.  Nonetheless, there’s a way to make the experience more genuine.   Try to use the gray skies, rains and cloud to convey a different impression of the area. Hence these shots of the area.


Wild NZ – Fox Glacier

Wild NZ – Twisted Rock

Wild NZ – Spilled Rock