Sated- Female Sparrow

By Brendan Moyle 05/11/2013

It seems odd that with sparrows Passer domesticus being a common (and introduced) bird here in NZ, I’ve taken so few pictures of them. It reflects I guess, my strong preference for photographing native birds rather than introduced. The population in NZ is based on releases in the late 1800s and sparrows flourished.

I guess the two main challenges is that they are a reasonably drab bird and they’re also relatively small. The first issue makes it difficult to take a picture that pops out at you. Rainbow lorikeets are much easier 🙂  The second is you have to be very close to get a view of the bird that doesn’t require heroic cropping.

I managed both feats last week down at Lake Pupuke. Timing was in the early evening during the golden hour.  And with no-one else around, the birds seemed a little less wary. 

One female sparrow was reasonably photogenic, posing in some lovely early evening light. Shots taken with my a700 and 300/4 G lens.

Close-up of the bird

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  • Thanks! The low angle of the light and its reduced harshness has worked well to bring out the feather detail.

    The only quirk here is the top image has the right edge trimmed away in syndication process. I’ve switched to my Zenfolio blog from Opera. The right edge is still there. You just have to open the image separately or go back to Zenfolio.

    *Fixed it*