In the summer

By Brendan Moyle 17/11/2013

A few summers back we visited Waiheke Island. This was the classic NZ holiday, a rustic campground (no power) with days of sunshine. It’s got a lot to recommend it.  It’s also nice to get the chance to put in some time photographing different subjects. It’s hard during the standard working week to squeeze in much time with the camera.  There are a lot of other things that take priority.

The first shot is a skyline of Auckland from Waiheke Island around dusk.  I’ve had to use a 300mm lens to focus on the city.  It’s actually a bit of a way off.  That early evening however, had a lot of appeal. It’s a distinctive shot of a scene I’ve not seen replicated in years.

#1 Red Auckland

The next shot is of one of those gorgeous little bays on Waiheke Island.  We spent a lot of time kayaking or swimming there.  

#2 Summer

The next shot has a kind of texture I felt suited a back and white treatment.  It’s a coastal Manuka tree that’s suffered a bit of exposure of the years.  

All shots are also in my ‘Natural Goodness‘ album.

Hope you enjoyed the scenes 🙂