Good weather not required- a visit to Te Puia

By Brendan Moyle 07/02/2014

As most of us know, this summer hasn’t quite been up to the relentless hot weather and clear summer days of the past.  We did manage a trip to the popular tourist spot of Te Puia in Rotorua, but even then, rain shortened the stay.  This meant there were not chances for geysers going off on a background of blue sky.


I took a different tack therefore, with shots I thought would be interesting with the overcast conditions.  The first is of a thermal pool, framed by the rocks in the foreground and vegetation in the rear.  The second is of a stream in the area, wreathed in steam.  These photos are in my “It’s a beautiful world” album

The final shot I thought merited a black-and-white conversion.  This is also in my “Colour Free” album.