Back to Pohuehue

By Brendan Moyle 17/05/2014

It seems I’ve had too many ‘blue days’ of late, so I opted to take another break up north again.  There were some scenes I wanted to take pictures of again, and some other areas I wanted to scout out.

I haven’t quite figured out what to do with my filters and my 20mm lens, as this vignettes once I add them on.  So it was down to the 28/2.0, my 70-200/2.8 G and my macro bag (lens, flash etc).  It was a good way to get a break.

As I’d already been to the Pohuehue Falls once, there were some new things I wanted to try this time round.

#1- From the front

#2 From the side.  This is two exposures I had to merge in the end, to get both the bright area of the falls and the dark area of the vegetation visible.

# 3 Rocky

Then there was a side trip to Mahurangi.  

#4 Sullivans Bay

#5 Farming at Mahurangi