It’s been raining

By Brendan Moyle 23/06/2014

It still is. But I needed to photograph something this weekend.  I’ve been head down, working on a lot of research projects of late, and the time to get out and decompress has been hard to find.

Fortunately, one of the things that thrives in wet conditions, is fungi.  So between showers on Sunday  went out and tried my hand at it.  The gear is the a900, a Minolta 100/2.8mm macro lens, and the Sony twin-macro flash.  The flash has these convenient extending arms.  These allow for more precise placement of the light.  With the wet, reflective surfaces of the fungi I also went with the flash diffuers to soften the light.

It’s a subject I’m dabbling with, and here are some of the fungi you can see in the NZ bush at the moment.




“Like Rubber”

“Natural Vase”