A winter visit to Waterfall Gully

By Brendan Moyle 29/06/2014

Youngest child had a ‘thing’ on the Whangaparoa Peninsular on Saturday morning.  So we ventured north at a pre-dawn hour to get him there in time.  While he was engaged, I made a side trip to Shakespear Regional Park (yes, Shakespear is spelled without a final ‘e’).  There’s a waterfall in the bush there.  Usually it’s not impressive as it doesn’t get a lot of water flow over it.  On the other hand it has been raining regularly this winter. A lot.  So I thought there was a chance of a better flow.

It was also a chance to put my new Lee filters to the test.

The waterfall looked better than in summer months.  It’s nothing I guess, that anyone will put on a postcard.  But the setting in the native forest still appeals to me.

In the first shot, I’m using the a900 with the 20/2.8 Minolta lens.  The goal is to use the curve of that ventral bank to lead into the fall.

In the second shot, I’m getting all of the fall in the same shot.  Same lens as before.  

If you would like a close up of the top of the fall

Then I went further into the short bush.  One thing I’m struggling with is how to photograph NZ bush that still has the elements of a good photo.  The wall of dense vegetation tends to rule out isolating tree pictures, and often leaves little in the way of leading lines.  On the other hand, a stream might stand in.  

This required liberal use of an ND grad filter to balance the bright light at the canopy level with the shade at the bottom. I’m employing the very useful Minolta 28/2.0 lens here.

And just a stream pic to finish the hike off