Water everywhere

By Brendan Moyle 09/11/2014

Originally posted at my photo website chthoniid.zenfolio.com

Once exams finished I headed off the Napier to visit my parents (and other family there).  Sadly my parents are not as well as they used to be. I wanted to see them while I had the chance to get away from work.  In theory I’m going to Kenya in December so time is getting pressing.  I used some of the time I had available to take some pictures of the local scenery.

The first scene was of the Waipunga Falls.  This only needed a short stop on the Napier-Taupo Highway.  I wasn’t sure if I would be able to as the rain was frequent on the drive over.

#1 Waipunga Falls

The next shots were from within the Tangoio Scenic Reserve.  The recent rain left the tracks soggy, making the hike a bit more challenging.  Balancing camera gear while avoiding mud and slippery tracks is always fun.  Hiking puttees are a useful thing to also have in your camera kit bag 🙂

The stream was swollen and had a good flow.  I used my 20/2.8mm lens for these shots, along with the a Lee 6-stop “Little Stopper”.  The carbon-fibre tripod and geared head is also quite handy.

#2 Magic

#3 Secret world

#4 The Pool

#5 Stillness