Singapore makes second largest seizure of illegal raw ivory

By Brendan Moyle 09/03/2015

Singapore customs has reported a seizure of 1099 tusks and pieces of raw ivory.  This is the second largest seizure they have made since 2002, when six tonnes was intercepted (a reminder that poaching is not technically a recent problem) .  The ivory is reported to have been packed into 65 gunny sacks.  They are being discrete on the origin because ‘Africa’ is a little encompassing.

Another point is the average weight of the tusks is actually very low- about 2 kg per piece.  This is much lower than ballpark average of 5 kg per tusk.  This is possibly a result of the tusks being cut into pieces to fit into the sacks.

Figure linked to source: Customs Today

The latest poaching figures show that poaching still appears much lower than the peak of 2011.  Nonetheless, the declines we have been seeing have been arrested and poaching levels for 2014 look similar to 2013.  These are still in excess of what can be sustained.