Oakley Creek Waterfall

By Brendan Moyle 27/04/2015

One of the kids had arranged a viewing of Marvel’s Age of Ultron on Sunday with friends. The cinema chosen was Henderson, which took me close to the Oakley Creek Scenic Reserve.  Auckland, say unlike Fiordland, isn’t normally known for its waterfalls.  Nonetheless, there is actually one in Central Auckland at Oakley Creek.   So while the children were being entertained, I tried this waterfall out.

Most pictures of this fall (on the web) are from the right hand bank, where a grassy area takes you close to the fall.  That didn’t create a lot of foreground interest, so I went for the left bank.  This gave me the chance to use the pools along the stream as foreground.  I had to wedge the tripod on a narrow platform on the bank to line up this shot. One tripod leg was actually placed horizontally to wedge the spike into the bank. May I say once again, spiked feet on a tripod are a great invention.  This is also one of my first shots with the Minolta 85mm f1.4 G lens.

For a say, urban waterfall, frequented by people and sometimes their dogs, it is quite appealing.

click for larger version

Photo has been edited to remove some of the graffiti carved on the sides of the cliff.