Sunday Seascape 8

By Brendan Moyle 06/07/2015

Ok, it isn’t Sunday anymore, but what with taxes and other things, Sunday seemed to get away on me.  Also, it was more fun watching The Hobbit with children last night.  Is it churlish to mention I didn’t find the third movie to be as entertaining as the first two?  Seemed to have too much time devoted to fighting, and not enough to well, non-violent interactions.

But I did get outside for a bit on Sunday.  This is a shot taken at Waiake, on the Tor, looking towards Rangitoto Island.  I’m making good use of both the tripod and the Lee filters here.  It’s also taken during the ‘golden hour’, which contributes to the colours of the scene.  I like to think the Minolta 28mm f2.0 lens also helps here.

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