Sunday Seascape 9

By Brendan Moyle 19/07/2015

What I like about the sea, is that it is always different.  The weather, the tides, a shift in location, all can mean going back to the same sites can produce a different image.  The challenges can sometimes be though, staying dry and keeping the gear clean of spray.

One element I like to exclude from scenes is people.  This means sometimes moving to the edges of the day, when few people are up and about.  Or going out in poor weather as this discourages others.

This shot was taken during some heavy storms in Auckland (no, not this weekend, a different weekend).  Fortunately the weather cleared briefly, and I was able to get out of the rain, and set up the shot.  It’s at Stanley Bay in Devonport, and the Sky-Tower is an obvious element.

It was part of a challenge I was doing with some friends, to photograph only with a single prime lens all month.  So this has been taken with my 20mm f2.8.

“The Boat Ramp”

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