By Brendan Moyle 11/08/2015

There is a building in Devonport I quite like.  It is the Esplanade Hotel. I tried photographing earlier in the year (with a 20mm lens), but the amount of lens-flare caught in the image, ruined it for me.  This time, I hoped things would be different. I’ve got a new Lee Lens Hood, which combined with the filters, should produce the image I wanted.

It is interesting setting up shots in mid-winter in Devonport. I’m close to the ferry terminal and pier. Sometimes people come up and talk. It’s hard to be discrete when you’ve got a tripod, camera, filters etc set up.  Even if it is winter.

One essential for photography is a warm, dry coat by the way.  Fortunately as part of my ‘Siberia rig’, I’d got just such a thing years ago. Good pockets also helps to stuff bits and pieces into.

Both the shots are of the Hotel during the Happy Hour. I’ve used an ND grad to balance the bright foreground with the dark, night-sky.  The shutter speed is slowed long enough to capture the light trails of cars.

The first shot is of the front facade. I’ve used the excellent Minolta 50mm f2.8 macro here.

click for original

The second is with the Minolta 28mm f2.0.  This is a very old lens, and while flare is reduced, some is still present.

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Both shots were taken with my Sony a900.