By Brendan Moyle 25/08/2015

Cycling isn’t the most popular travel method in Auckland.  If I mention I cycle to or from work, or for recreation, there tends to be a moment of silence, followed by some comment about risking life and limb.  It isn’t quite that dangerous.  I do wish motorists were a little more aware of me still.

Cycling though has a number of well known advantages.  It reduces congestion, it’s a healthy exercise, it generates a lot less green-house gases (I’m hoping someone will discover it sucks CO2 from the atmosphere).  Now, Nick McFarlane and Greg Wood are trying to get more of us out on our bikes– specifically Fridays. The twitter link is #Friding.

So with that in mind, I made sure my Friday commute was bike. The promise to take some pics along the way was a bit trickier.  My a900 DSLR weighs almost 1kg and doesn’t really fit into a lycra top.  But I got some shots along the way.  Maybe it will tempt more of us to try 🙂

1- The View

At the top of Glenvar Road, you get a view of the Hauraki Gulf.  On clear, blue-sky days the view is amazing.

2- Alone

My bike sits alone in the bike-rack at work.  This is the usual scene.  Cycling still remains unpopular here.


3- Cars, cars, cars

On the ride home.  I’m one of the fastest moving vehicles at rush hour.

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