By Brendan Moyle 19/09/2015

I think I am getting more efficient with my waterfall photography.  The car boot almost always has a tripod, some rope, and some hiking gaiters ready.  Then it’s just a matter of bringing a camera and some appropriate lenses.  In August, I was over in Napier.  With my afternoons free, it was a chance to do some exploring.

One of the waterfalls I knew about, was Maraetotara.  I hadn’t been before, but with lovely overcast conditions, I made the trip to see what was there.  I wasn’t disappointed.  The track to the falls is relatively short, and winds along a stream that also has appeal.  Angles of view for the falls though, was limited.

The first view is the falls themselves.  They feed into a large pool.

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I then zoomed in on the falls, to emphasise the steps

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One the way back, I added in a stream shot.

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The first two shots were taken with a Sony a900 and 70-200mm f2.8 G lens.  The last with a Minolta 17-35mm f3.5 G lens.

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