By Brendan Moyle 09/02/2016

Gave the bike a quick clean-down on Sunday.  By Monday it was back out for a fun/fitness ride.  It’s much nicer biking on Auckland roads on major holidays too.  Motorists were thin on the ground and I could crank the speed up.

According to the Auckland Bike Challenge though, you only get carbon-emission savings calculated for rides to or from work.  I guess that makes sense.

So why am I biking?  I think there’s few reasons why I like to take bike to work instead of car.  The first, is I loathe getting stuck in traffic.  And once school starts, the roads I have to travel on clog up very quickly.  I also like betting some outdoors time.  We live in  a world where we now spend so little time outside.  We work in offices, live in houses, travel in cars, or buses.  All this time, we’re separated.  I’m not sure how much time the average person spends per day, outside.  But I suspect a lot of people would not manage an hour.

Another reason is just basic fitness.  Doing any regular exercise just puts me in a better place.

And finally, environmental.  It’s very easy to see how much fuel and emissions I cut back on, if I cycle more often.